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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Other Folks Doing Good Works in Tanzania - Amani Children's Home

The Lutherans. Catholics and Baptists aren't the only people doing "good works" in Tanzania.  We spent part of a day at the Amani Children's Home near Moshi.
Tanzania-Amani-1 Tanzania-Amani-1-2

Amani stresses its role as a non-denominational facility"... to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population of street children in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania."  I was struck by the emphasis on "non-denominational" when we visited.  I noticed a variant of this on a small business owner's blog that I regularly read where the author said, "My daughter is in Tanzania this summer for a secular service project." (My emphasis added.)  I wonder if Americans are at the point now where being disassociated from religion is important to many?  Perhaps, though, it is just an effort to deal with the Christian/Islamic divide.

The lobby of the building is welcoming to visitors with two large bulletin boards addressing the history of the center and Frequently Asked Questions.
Tanzania-Amani-2 Tanzania-Amani-2-1 Tanzania-Amani-1-1

After learning that the facility typically houses about a hundred street children, mostly from Moshi and Arusha, we took a tour of the facility.  Our tour included stops at the kitchen, laundry facility and carpentry shop.  The laundry facility gives the residents a chance to learn to do their own cleaning.  The carpentry shop builds all furniture for residence and schooling.
Tanzania-Amani-1-3 Tanzania-Amani-5 Tanzania-Amani-6

The recreational facilities suggested that someone could bring a couple of basketball hoop nets as a gift.

The dormitory facilities were neat, clean and well-organized.

This appeared to be another good candidate for donations.  Interestingly, they have a U.S. tax-deductible contribution address in nearby Burnsville, Minnesota.

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