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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tanzania - At the Banana Market

We only had one chance to visit a true local market while in Tanzania.  That's one of the hazards of group travel; you don't get to set any of the agenda.  On our second day, we stopped at a roadside "flea market" selling food, clothing, tools - well, you name it.  The market was next to a banana market where local women were bringing their crops to consolidate and sell.
TanzaniaBananaMarket-6 TanzaniaBananaMarket-2

TanzaniaBananaMarket-9 TanzaniaBananaMarket-8

Buyers were taking a careful look at quality.

We moved on through the banana market and into the nearby marketplace.  We were quite a sight.  Nineteen white folks bunched together, mostly with cameras.  We drew looks that seemed to be a mixture of curiosity and, "What in the hell...?"
TanzaniaBananaMarket-3         TanzaniaBananaMarket-4

Once we were inside, Linda took a look at the grains and beans from the friendly ladies offering them.

This lady is probably with her daughter who seemed camera-shy.  She later gave me a half-smile.
TanzaniaBananaMarket-1-2 TanzaniaBananaMarket-5

This must be one of the places to buy those peanuts that we were being served.  I should have bought a machete to bring back for the cabin.  If I had known this was the only chance I would get to buy one, I would have.
TanzaniaBananaMarket-3-1 TanzaniaBananaMarket-4-1

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