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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tanzania - Meet the Merchants

We traveled in a small bus around the Moshi area as we visited a number of Lutheran project sites.  Of course, any time the bus stopped, local street vendors appeared with art and other souvenirs for sale.

Here, one of the local artists shows me his wares.  Notice that he has already sold me a safari "bush hat."
Tanzania-Merchants-03 Tanzania-Merchants-02 TanPainting-1

He had a number of pictures of Masai women, noting that "they are very beautiful - mama will be jealous!"  We agreed to keep that a secret between us.  I bought a picture.

Later, in another town, I realized that I could have been purchasing art from my new best friend, Mr. Cheapest.

Art was abundant anywhere a tourist might pass.

Shops along the highway offer everything from stationery to Caterpillar parts




Other markets offer clothing and food.
Tanzania-Merchants-06 Tanzania-Merchants-04

Fruits and vegetables are available in small neighborhood shops and larger markets.

And here's a shop offering both art and bananas. The Ethiopian red bananas are a rarity.
Tanzania-Merchants-1-2 Tanzania-Merchants-2

Butcher shops offer meat on the hook.  Most meat that we encountered could be best described as "stringy."
Tanzania-Merchants-1 TanzButcher-1

There were plenty of roadside furniture shops.
Tanxzania-Merchants-1 Tanxzania-Merchants-2

And, there were even shops catering to "final needs."
Tanzania-Merchants-2-2 Tanzania-Merchants-1-5


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Aliza said...

Wow, Tom, it looks awesome! Great photos.