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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tanzania - Dinners

The hospitality industry in Northern Tanzania was, for the most part, a pleasant surprise.  We might pull off  a paved highway and ramble down a rutted path for a few hundred yards and suddenly find ourselves in an oasis of plants and landscaping that take your breath away.  I showed you one such place here.

Here are a couple more.  We had two evening meals at the Kilemakyaro Mt. Lodge a few miles from our hotel in Moshi.  The buffet was good, the grounds were well manicured and if you can't see the mountain because of the clouds, well, the sunset might be better than average.
TanzaniaFoodAndBev-18 TanzaniaFoodAndBev-19

For an informal dinner in Moshi, there is always Ten to Ten Pizza.  Well, maybe not "always."  We came back for a second meal there on our last day and found it half demolished.  But it was good while it lasted, featuring Indian, Italian and Pizza.
TanzaniaFoodAndBev-13 TanzaniaFoodAndBev-14


One of my favorites was a stop at the Tembo Club just a few miles west of Arusha.  The grounds were nice, buffet was adequate and the music was country.  Don't believe me?  Watch (and listen) to the video.
TanzaniaFoodAndBev-21 TanzaniaFoodAndBev-23

Our best breakfasts were at the Ndutu Safari Lodge on the edge of the Serengeti.  Come to think of it, our best dinners were served there too.  The pork chop was superb - one of the few tender pieces of meat in the country.
TanzaniaFoodAndBev-25 TanzaniaFoodAndBev-24


When we couldn't reprise our pizza luncheon at Ten to Ten on our last day, we moved into downtown Moshi and found a sister restaurant, the Indolitaliano.  This is one of at least three restaurants serving Indian food in the Moshi area and pulls in its best comments on TripAdvisor for these dishes.

The menu offers a wide range of options.  9000 Tanzanian Shillings is about $5.60
TanzaniaFoodAndBev-33 TanzaniaFoodAndBev-34 TanzaniaFoodAndBev-35

Perhaps the best part of the restaurant is the view of life in Moshi, constantly changing just beyond your table.

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