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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tanzania - Safari, The Animals Part 1

Finally!  We get to see the animals of Tanzania.  The highlight of any safari in Africa is seeing the big animals up close.  So let's start with the biggest, the elephants.  I'm going to mix the animals from the slopes of Ngorongoro Crater, the floor of the crater and the Serengeti.

Here is one from the jungle.

And here are some hanging around water.
SafariAnimals-096 SafariAnimals-063

They come in all sizes.  Credit for the group of four again goes to our travel group member, Kristian.  He has a great eye for the right moment.
SafariAnimals-090 SafariAnimals-115

My personal favorites are pictures that include a lone Acacia tree or verdant green grass.


And, let's take a look at the lions.  We found them in several places.  This group of four females had a total of ten cubs playing around them.  We probably spent 45 minutes or more watching them.

SafariAnimals-029 SafariAnimals-030

Toward the end of our time with them, these two elephants that we had photographed earlier came strolling into the picture.
SafariAnimals-031 SafariAnimals-033

In case you wonder how things go when elephants and lions want to occupy the same ground, there is a good YouTube video here.

We saw other lions lying on rocks and logs.
SafariAnimals-052 SafariAnimals-085

This one was in a tree watching the nearby zebras.
SafariAnimals-055 SafariAnimals-053

Eventually, she came down from the tree and headed off toward the zebras and some nearby gazelles.
SafariAnimals-059 SafariAnimals-060

You might be curious about how close we were to these elephants and cats.  These pictures will give you a good idea.
SafariAnimals-025 SafariAnimals-182

As I was taking that picture on the left, someone in our vehicle asked, "can lions jump?"


Aliza said...

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