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Monday, March 14, 2016

A Visit to the Lighting Street

This light fixture above our breakfast bar is the signature feature of our "American kitchen."  For some reason, Linda has never thought it gave the right impression - perhaps because it is both ugly and hangs crooked?  Frankly, I love it.  It is accessible and the reliable socket doesn't come loose when the bulb is removed.  It is perfect for testing light bulbs.

We headed downtown to what I call "Lighting Street" to find a replacement.
Electrical goodies in Egypt can be very colorful.  The plastic conduit is bright orange, socket and switch plates are available in all colors.  Consider these flanges on the right for your recessed lighting!

I was sure we would find something in this group of stores.

But, alas, we didn't.  Pressing on, we finally came to Diamon, right across the street from the old Cairo package post office.

And there, in the back row, was the perfect fixture.

ZLightingStoe-08 ZLightingStoe-12

Now, for the outrageous price.  Nothing at home upsets me like the cost of a light fixture.  Two dollars worth of glass and metal plus fifty cents in Chinese labor and voila, you have a $200 fixture hanging in a store that only a "designer" can get you into.  It probably even costs $50 at Home Depot.

We were quoted 60 EGP but only paid 50.  That is about $6.  Seems about right.

Back at home, the installation went pretty smoothly.  The conduit ends with a rough cut at the surface of the tile.  Two screws, of varying type and length hold the support rail loosely to the plaster and concrete nearby.  Did you know wire-nuts are not allowed in Europe?
Lighting-1 Lighting-2

Connected up.  We have light!

Completed job.  Not much difference in the before and after pictures, but it really does look a lot better.
ZLighting-1 ZLightingStoe-14

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