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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mishmish, the Stray Cat

We don't have a cat in Minnesota any longer so I look forward to having some "cat time" when we visit Egypt. There is no shortage of cats here but we never know which cat/cats will be living in our building when we arrive. Since our favorite and long time cat died a couple years ago we've not had much luck with finding a "people cat" awaiting us.  This year, however, we hit the jackpot!

Meet Mishmish.  He's the sweetest cat ever. We think that he has lived with people because he is the friendliest cat in Egypt. Not only friendly but likes to sit on our laps and cuddle. This is his preferred position-cuddling like a human baby.

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We call him Mishmish, the Arabic word for apricot, because of his coloring.

He's is very gentle with humans, never scratching or biting. He can be a nuisance but we love him anyway. He loves to sit on upholstered furniture but we don't allow it because he is dirty.  We don't mind holding him because we can wash our clothes. He almost makes me want to get a cat when we get home. Almost.
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