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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Flowers Are in Bloom

We are down to our final day in Egypt.  We have spent the past few days visiting friends to say good-bye.  Twice we headed south in the direction of Sakkara toward the "horse farms."  I have designated the road along the Mansoureya Canal in that area as "Bougainvillea Boulevard" for the flowers that drape many of the walls around the country villas.

Bougainvillea are not the only exotic plants to be found here.  Bottle Brush and Bird of Paradise can be found lining the local driveways.
Flowers-13 Flowers-15

We also spent some time at a friend's "retired" restaurant - no tourists, no business.  He has a delightful small garden there.
Flowers-04 Flowers-01

There, a couple of birds joined us to enjoy the garden.
Flowers-08 Flowers-09

Even a planting of white Osteospermum looks nice at this time of year.

But it is time for us to leave Egypt and return to spring in the Minnesota-Wisconsin north-land.  The temperatures here are beginning to rise to the hot level.  Ninety degree days are coming.  Weather.com provides our forecast and our averages.

Average temperatures rise into the uncomfortable range during April - and don't return to comfort levels until well into the autumn.

So we will begin the long trip home late tonight.

I hope to complete a few more contemplated but not completed blog posts about our stay after we return.  You won't want to miss the Postal Museum!