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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bonus Koshary Post

It occurred to me that I should have a "Koshary" tag on this blog.  I created it and then went back, did a search and discovered that I have seven posts to tag with it.

So here is a bonus post with links to two YouTube videos with Koshary recipes.

In this English-language video, Magda teaches her daughter, Sandra, how to make an Americanized version of Koshary.  It take a few shortcuts but looks like an acceptable version of the dish.  (About nine and a half minutes.)

In the second video, Ammoon prepares a much more appealing (to me) version.  It is much more Egyptian since it involves tomato paste and the fine short pasta mixed with the rice.  That is pretty much the standard here for cooking rice - "First you fry some macaroni. Then..."  The video is in Arabic but it has excellent subtitles.  (Under seven minutes in length.)

I am going to make up a batch of Koshary following Ammoon's recipe for readers of this blog when we get home in three weeks.  You get the Koshary  plus some pictures and stories that never made it to the blog - like the car that rolled sideways down the Ring Road in front of the large truck before coming to rest on its roof.  E-mail us to get on the invitation list.

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