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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

In the Desert By a Horse With No Name

While Tom and Engin were riding camels in the desert, I was offered a tour of a horse stable. The stable owner introduced me to various horses in the stalls and then said, "We have a two day old baby Do you want to see her?" "Definitely, yes!" I answered. The baby and her mother were led into the center ring.  I pulled my chair to the railing and watched as the colt ran around testing her new legs while the mother calmly ate. How cute!

"What's her name?" I asked. The owner said "She doesn't have a name yet."  He then enthusiastically added, "You can name her!"  Of course, I'd love to name her.  When I name an animal I always look for some significant characteristic.  I looked more closely at the colt and it suddenly came to me. Just look at her face. What do you see? The white spot on her face looks like a question mark.  "What's the Arabic word for question?" I asked my friend. "So 'al" he replied.

And so her name is now So 'al.

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