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Monday, October 5, 2009

Rules for Buying Gasoline

As others have noted, gasoline is the only commodity whose price everyone can quote. Probably because it is the only commodity with prices posted on large signs every mile or two along most major metropolitan streets!

I offer here my three basic rules for buying gasoline:
  1. Never buy gasoline in Gorda, California. This is a delightful town, isolated on California Highway 1 near Big Sur. It is the site of most news stories with the theme,"Look how high prices have become for gas in California!" Does anyone ever fill their tank in Gorda?

  2. Never buy gasoline near a national park. I don't think this one needs any explanation.

  3. Always wait until you reach Wyoming to buy gas. Just check this map for current comparisons.
So how did that rule work out on this trip? I offer the following prices for your review:
Bloomington, MN -- $2.35
Council Bluff, IA --- $2.18
Ogallala, NE -------- $2.54
Gering, NE ---------- $2.59
Cheyenne, WY ------ $2.16
Denver, CO ---------- $2.35

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