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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Promontory Point, Utah - Modern Transportation

The trip out to Promontory Point described below does have one additional attraction. Along the way, you will see signs for "ATK." What could that be? It turns out to be the New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol for Minnesota-based Alliant Techsystems. Their Thiokol rocket engine division is located here.

And as we returned to the highway from the Golden Spike Visitor Center, we could see the large Thiokol industrial complex in the distance. A sign noted "Rocket Display 2 miles."

For a "space geek" like me, (I could tell you the weight of every satellite launched and the type of launch vehicle when I was in High School) this was like a Catholic getting to the Vatican.

Minuteman, Shuttle Booster, Poseidon, Bomarc, Sidewinder. They were all there.

Specifications are on signs, you can look at them from any angle. "No climbing in the rocket nozzles." But otherwise, have fun.

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