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Monday, October 5, 2009

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Our trip through Wyoming was brief. We had left Chimney Rock and were headed toward Denver where we would be staying with old friends. But, we wanted to see the Cheyenne area and photograph the Wyoming State Capitol. While we were passing through, perhaps we would find a few other places to stop.

As soon as we had left Chimney Rock, we encountered rain, fog and chilly weather. Temperatures were running around 37 to 40. Two of the three days on the trip have been terrible for sightseeing as we have had almost constant light to moderate rain throughout the day.

We got a bit of break in the weather when we reached Cheyenne and were able to photograph the capitol building.

The drive around town proved interesting with a nicely renovated downtown and some interesting looking B&Bs and at least one old hotel. There are a number of "Western Boots" to be found on the streets downtown. Here is one near the old train depot:

As we left Cheyenne and headed south for the hundred mile trip to Denver, signs warned of dense fog. They weren't kidding. We drove about twenty of those miles through fog as dense as you can encounter and still dare to drive. Find a vehicle with bright taillights, stay just within site and hold on tight!

We made it to Denver and found the temperatures up near 60 and no rain.

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