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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Newspaper Rock - Canyonlands Edition

After leaving the Four Corners area, we drove northwest to visit some of the canyon and rock formations in Eastern Utah. Our first stop was at the Blanding, Utah, Visitor Center. There we picked up some excellent advice. The lady behind the desk suggested leaving U.S. 191 at Monticello and taking a side loop to Utah 211 which runs out to "The Needles" area of Canyonlands National Park.

We took her advice and turned west on 200 South in Monticello. You could easily miss this turn. It has no markings other than the local 200 South street sign. Soon we were climbing a steep hill. The hillside was dotted with evergreens and aspens.

This was quite a contrast to the very dry valley floor. The view was outstanding even though there was a good deal of smoke in the air from a controlled burn being conducted nearby.

The road through the hills then dropped down to Utah 211 and that led west to Newspaper Rock. We've seen other newspaper rocks. There is one in the Petrified Forest in Arizona and others in Utah but this one does seem particularly well preserved.

It's recognized as a Utah State Monument and a National Historical Site:

And the petroglyphs are very clear and easily photographed.

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