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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Egyptian Boilermaker?

That was my first thought when the server at Chili's set my drink in front of me today.

Actually, I had ordered an iced tea and it comes with a sugar syrup on the side for easy mixing.

Chili's is located in the City Centre mall and has a menu that is identical very similar to any Chili's at home.  (It's Sharia-friendly.  Don't look for pork chops and beer.)  They do a pretty good job on most things although the black pepper sprinkled on top of the corn on the cob suggests that the chef hasn't yet visited headquarters in Dallas.

This gives me a chance to post a good picture of the iShop store that is also in the mall.

If you plan to visit Egypt soon (and please do, they need your tourism dollar) and have any concern about finding essential things, note the easy to understand signs.

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