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Monday, January 28, 2013

So Much to See

Sometimes it is surprising what we find on an outing anywhere in Egypt.  For instance, two years ago, we enjoyed a couple of trips to a restaurant located along this street.  Now an unusual building has taken its place.  Is this a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design?

Nearby, we stopped in a convenience store and noted that there is no shortage of Hostess Twinkies here.

Then, as we began returning to our apartment, I stepped out into the street to capture a view of some buildings in the distance.  I accidentally tripped the shutter before I had composed the picture.

Later, I realized there were several pictures captured in that shot.  There is the garbage hauler with his donkey cart.

There is an answer to the question, "How many chairs can be hauled on a motorcycle in one load?"

And there is an explanation for why people here always walk in the street and never use a sidewalk. -- There is too much stuff piled up on the sidewalk.

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