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Sunday, January 20, 2013

There's a New Restaurant in the Neighborhood - Al Shabrawy

On our first day back in Cairo, we walked up to the neighborhood convenience store (It's called a supermarket here) to buy a few items.  We were excited to see a new restaurant next door.  And, best of all, it was a branch of the Al Shabrawy chain.

Al Shabrawy is a fast food restaurant offering a wide combination of good middle eastern treats like Kofta, Shawarma and Kabobs.  Here is a good sample menu.  Prices are in Egyptian pounds so divide by 6 to get an approximate price in dollars.

Most of the business at Al Shabrawy is take-out but they usually have inside seating and ours here is no exception.  Since it is located next to a crafts shop, the decor appears oriented toward tourists and is a bit "over the top."
Al-Schabrawy-1 Al-Schabrawy-3 Al-Schabrawy-2

We ordered a Kofta plate and a Shawarma plate.  Both were excellent.
Al-Schabrawy-4 Al-Schabrawy-5

The Al Shabrawy Oriental Salad is very good - a spicy treat.  I give the Tahini dip a 5 out of 5 rating.

We went back again last night and each ordered the roasted (and pressed) half-chicken special.  It was prepared with a spicy rub that was superb.  And the French fries are likely the best in Egypt.

Prices?  Well, for two dinners, salads and beverages you'll pay about a total of ten or eleven dollars.  A terrific value!


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