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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Across the Border and Into Louisiana

We headed east into Louisiana and Mississippi for our next couple of days. I had a small research project to do in Baton Rouge and we were missing pictures of only one southern Capitol, Mississippi. Since we were in the southern part of Texas and headed into Louisiana, we were in Cajun country.

Etouffee is the specialty entree of the area, made with crawfish or shrimp. I tried both. Ummmm - good!

The snack food of the area is boudin. It also shows up as the appetizer of the area in the form of boudin balls.
Louisiana-1 Louisiana-2


Now, those were actually Texas boudin which probably accounts for the spelling on the sign.

These are authentic Louisiana boudin balls from Dwyer's Cafe at the corner of Rue Garfield Ouest and Rue Jefferson in Lafayette.
Louisiana-5 Lafayette-2 Lafayette-1

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