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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kimmswick, Missouri

After finishing up at the county library in St. Louis, we headed out to the car and began driving twenty-five miles south to Kimmswick, Missouri.

Kimmswick is a tiny riverfront town that is home to The Blue Owl.

This historic downtown is pretty deserted this time of year, but The Blue Owl is open for lunch.

We were a little bit late and were among the last to finish our lunch as the 3:00 p.m. closing time approached. We studied the desert assortment carefully.

And were very tempted by the Levee High Apple Pie named for the temporary levee that saved the town from the flood of 1993.
Missouri-2 Missouri-3
But we chose more traditional desserts.

You might notice that it was raining on The Blue Owl Cafe. It had begun raining just before we left the library in St. Louis and after lunch it began to pour. We spent the remainder of the afternoon fighting our way South through the rain until we reached Poplar Bluff, Missouri, about twenty miles north of the Missouri/Arkansas border.

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