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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Bill Clinton Presidential Library

The next morning brought us back to Little Rock to visit the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library.

This newest of the presidential libraries brings modern video technology to the table. Yes, finally, a historical site with a 16:9 high-definition presentation! I confess to being spoiled as an HD pioneer.

Here is a picture from the orientation video:

The public exhibits begin with a statistical portrait of the time of the Clinton presidency and a cabinet room exhibit. There are similar cabinet room interactive exhibits at several of the presidential museums.
ClintonLibrary-3 ClintonLibrary-2

A unique feature of the Clinton Library is this detailed time-line of the presidency. Each year presents highlights and then the binders in the lower right corner show the detailed presidential schedule for each day of the year. There is a binder for each month. This should prove interesting for children born during these years.

This view from the top level shows visitors scanning the time-line exhibits. All of the blue boxes contain presidential papers that have been processed through the National Archives and into the library. About 5% of Clinton's documents have been handled this way so far.

And one of the most popular exhibits at any Presidential Museum is the Oval Office, reproduced as it was during that president's time in office.

This one includes a nice description of the origins of the Resolute Desk that Clinton used.
ClintonLibrary-6 ClintonLibrary-8

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