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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Downtown Houston, Texas

Houston has a large collection of skyscrapers filled with energy companies and financial businesses. We thought it would be worth spending a day downtown.
Houston-02 Houston-07 Houston-09

We started out in the very large visitor's center located in art-deco city hall building. We were told about observation decks in two of the skyscrapers and headed there to get a view of the surroundings.

We also toured the older part of downtown with some well-preserved architecture from an earlier era. We had come into downtown from the north driving along Main Street. In the center of downtown, a light rail system runs along Main Street, transporting people the seven or so miles out past the Houston medical centers to the Astrodome. (Our ticket cost was $1.25 for the trip. For a realistic discussion of light-rail economics, see this link.)
Houston-04 Houston-05

This was a big week in Houston at the Astrodome because the rodeo is in town. This is a BIG deal! There is even an app for your iPhone to track the rodeo.

Houston also features a large amount of green-space downtown. Major parks and Live Oaks dot the area.
Houston-01 Houston-08

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