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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The George Bush Presidential Library

The Bush(41) Presidential Library on the Texas A&M campus is worth at least two or three hours to visit. The museum has major exhibits on the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War and a great deal of personal family history. As with all the Presidential Libraries that we have seen, there is a replica of the Oval Office. This one allows you to walk in and sit in the president's chair. As you might suspect, there is a lot more replica here than original. The president's desk does contain his authentic baseball glove in one drawer, though.

I found this exhibit of the Studebaker that George Bush bought in 1947 and used to move his family to Texas from Connecticut after finishing college to be quite interesting. I don't recall ever seeing a president's personal car in one of these museums before, much less one with the original bill of sale.
TexasCentral-10 TexasCentral-11


Automobile aficionados will recognize this Raymond Lowey design as the first all-new post World War II car.

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