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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Refining Oil

I knew that there were several oil refineries in the Houston area but I was surprised to actually see them. By my count, from this U.S. Energy Department report, along the 90 mile stretch from Houston to Port Arthur, there are 13 refineries representing 20 percent of the nation's refining capacity. I am sure that we saw all 13.

From the top of the San Jacinto Monument, there is no window from which you cannot see a refinery.

The Texas Historical Commission even thought that this (formerly) Gulf Oil refinery in Port Arthur deserved historic recognition.

Here is just a small part of this refinery. There are two others in Port Arthur too.
Refinery-2 Refinery-3

There was a turnaround underway at the LyondellBasell / Access Industries refinery along the Texas 225 freeway on the Houston/Pasadena border. I saw the large crane from the freeway and couldn't resist the urge to stop and take a picture. Ah, the money that must be flowing along these roads.

This particular refinery has an interesting recent history according to this lawyer's website.

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