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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Detroit - The Fisher Building

The other large building visible in the New Center of Detroit is the Fisher Building.  People of a certain age will recall seeing a small medallion with the words "Body by Fisher" attached to the bodies of General Motors cars up through at least the 1980s.  The Fisher brothers evolved from carriage makers into car body manufacturers in the early part of the twentieth century becoming very wealthy in the process.
Detroit-GBU-19 Detroit-GBU-21

Like many of the most dramatic older buildings in Detroit, this headquarters building for the brothers was designed by Albert Kahn.  He was reportedly given an "open checkbook" for the project.

The building was intended to be the right third of a massive three tower structure but the depression intervened and only this "small part" was completed.
Detroit-GBU-07 Detroit-GBU-13

The interior features a great number of interesting details but probably the best of these are found on the elevator doors.
Detroit-GBU-14 Detroit-GBU-15

We found one old-time deli operation in the building.  The owner made a great soup and sandwich combination.
Detroit-GBU-18 Detroit-GBU-17

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