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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Jersey State Capitol - Newark

When we left Connecticut, our next stop was Philadelphia.  This meant a chance to add a few state capitol buildings to our collection.  You almost can't get from Connecticut to Philadelphia without going through Trenton, NJ.  Once in Philadelphia, it would be just 83 miles to Dover, DE.  From there it is only 65 miles to Annapolis, Md.  From Annapolis it would only be 129 miles back to Philadelphia.  We could probably make that loop on one morning before lunch!  It actually took a bit longer.

The trip from Connecticut southwest to Philadelphia itself is about 240 miles.  Google maps rates it as a four hour drive.  Maybe at 2 a.m.!  The route passed throught the Bronx, cut across the northern tip of Manhattan at about 179th, then took us parallel to the big city and past the Newark Airport.  Allow an extra hour or two for traffic.
Trenton-01 Trenton2-1

Linda shot this several times before finally getting a picture of the Manhattan skyline without any traffic passing by in the northbound lanes.


We arrived in Trenton and took a few pictures of the capitol.  This is one of the more difficult to photograph capitol buildings.  The World War II monument conflicts with a good view of the dome.

Trenton-06 Trenton-08

This is probably the best compromise.

The dome is best photographed from the side or back.

We arrived just after the last tour but a sympathetic volunteer gave us an abbreviated trip around to the highlights of the building.  The governor's office is right off the rotunda.  There is no "Hall of Governors," but there are pictures of notable governor, Woodrow Wilson.
Trenton-11 Trenton-10

Both legislative chambers were open for inspection
Trenton-12 Trenton-13

Back outside, we took a look at the World War II memorial.  The centerpiece is a classic "I am the Infantry, Follow Me!" statue.
Trenton3-2 Trenton3-1

The row-houses across from the capitol building are another highlight of the area.

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