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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Detroit - Cadillac Place

Stand in the parking lot of that ancient Model T factory at 411 Piquette and you will notice two massive buildings a few blocks away over on Grand Boulevard.

The closer of the two is Cadillac Place, now a state office building.  It once held a huge lighted sign on top that read, "General Motors."  This was GM's headquarters from 1923 until 2001.
Detroit-GBU-16 Detroit-GBU-08

We stopped in and took a few pictures.  The ceilings are amazing works of art.  I was expecting a great deal more retail and restaurant activity around the lobby but found almost none.  The elevators have a very impressive appearance.
Detroit-GBU-10 Detroit-GBU-11


This is one of the many Albert Kahn designed buildings in the Detroit Area.

I noticed this sign on the way out.  It seems like way too small an office for the size of the current problem.


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