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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Voluntown, Connecticut

On this trip to Connecticut, we stayed in nearby Voluntown which is about as obscure a place as Baltic - but it does have a motel.  The AmericInn was a welcome sight at the end of a day driving through a torrential downpour that lasted several hours beginning when we left Albany and passed through the Adirondack mountains to reach Hartford. The motel has a reminder that we were not far from New York City.


We were back in "Grinder" country and this time I had a chance to sample one of these sandwiches.    
bALTIC-1 Vtown-2
Sunny's makes their grinders in the rear of this convenience store and we had to walk through the middle of the sandwich prep area to reach the lone restroom.  I bought my grinder later in a different place.

But, looking at the signs on the bulletin board in Sunny's, I noted that there was civic effort underway to preserve an historic landmark in the community.  And right outside I found the building in question.

Voluntown seems like a historic-minded community with this sign not far away.  It was actually named for the heavy contribution of volunteers in King Phillip's war of 1675 against the indians.

(A report on the building tour is available here.)

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