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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Niagara Falls, Canada

From Detroit, we moved on to New York via Canada.  After a long (hour and a half) wait to cross the Canadian border we had a very pleasant drive across some very pretty farmland before arriving at Niagara Falls.  Driving Niagara parkway from south to north along the Niagara River provides a very scenic approach to the Canadian side of the falls.

There are some beautiful homes along this road.  Some are old and some are new.  And there is quite a variation in style.  Among the newer homes, this traditional and starkly modern home stand close together.
NiagraFalls-02 NiagraFalls-03

In the distance, the city of Niagara beckons.

Unfortunately, when you reach the city, it becomes one of the ugliest tourist traps that I have ever seen.  From suspended wire-walker to wax museums, Niagara has it all.
NiagraFalls-05 Niagra2-1

Niagra2-2 Niagra2-4

Once you find a place to park near the falls - no mean feat at this time of year - the natural beauty of the place shines through.


There are even some very attractive gardens anchored by this statue of Canada's King George VI, "A Very Gallant Gentleman."
NiagraFalls-06 NiagraFalls-11 NiagraFalls-13




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