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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Return to Stonington and Mystic

We spent some time in Stonington and Mystic, Connecticut, once again on this trip.  I had blogged about these towns in the very southeast corner of Connecticut during our last trip three years ago.  But, Stonington is so darn cute.  And we had recently see the movie, "Hope Springs" (what a waste of two great actors!) that features several scenes shot there.  So let's see some more of the town.

This year, the lighthouse was open while we were there.  So I could talk about lighthouses on Long Island Sound.

Or show you ancient ship navigation tools.
Stone-05 Stone-04

Or Stonington's most noted spurned lover, Zebulon Hancox.
Stone-06 Stone-07

But instead, I'll just show you a couple of pretty pictures of the town
Stone-10 Stone-12

and then we'll talk about the 19th annual Sergio Franchi memorial concert.
As we were walking through town, This Sergio Franchi poster caught my eye.  Or at least the picture of Sergio, his car and Mt. Hood did.  What is Sergio's connection to Stonington, and how did he and that car end up at Mt. Hood?

I suppose anyone younger than AARP membership age is saying "Sergio who?"  But just play a few bars of Volare for them and even a Millenium member might recognize the tune.  It turns out that Sergio and his family acquired a 240 acre estate in Stonington back in 1979.

The car was a part of Sergio's collection that was auctioned back in 2006.  Sergio had shown the car at Pebble Beach in a Classic Cars Club of America show and then participated in a CCCA caravan trip to Mount Hood.

And the Franchi memorial concerts continue in Stonington each August.


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