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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sister Josephine - Baltic, Connecticut

Our destination on this trip was Baltic Connecticut.  I blogged a bit about the area on another trip back in 2010 here.  This time, we were coming to see our good friend, Elizabeth, take her final vows to become a Sister of Charity.

Elizabeth would become Sister Josephine and the convent was prepared to celebrate.

This was only a class of two but drew a good sized group of friends and family.  In Elizabeth's case, she had to settle for friends since the U.S. Government wouldn't grant a travel visa to her sister in Burundi.  I am sure most Americans have no idea how their freedom to visit foreign lands compares to that of people in much of the rest of the world.

Decorations and a program for the Catholic Mass surrounding the vows were prepared.

By noon on Saturday, Sister Helena and Sister Josephine had their rings and the Order had two new sisters.
JosesphineHand Sisters

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